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About Us

We are Cycling Passionate who decided to sell what they like to wear. Kuthai means Design, Details and Best of Breed Materials.

    Kuthai is entirely Designed, Engineered and Produced in Italy. No compromise.

    Many cycling wear reseller try to plant their roots in Italy, using old cycling suggestion or italian manufacturer. But the Truth is: They Are Not Italian. Fact.

    We have cycling culture inside. We are born and grown with bikes in our eyes. And we have smell the perfume of an old cycling season that never return.

    We look forward. We have style and fashion. We choose the best fabric to ensure the top quality of our products.

    We are in Tuscany. We had Gastone Nencini, Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni, Alfredo Martini, Franco Ballerini, Andrea Tafi, Franco Chioccioli, Francesco Casagrande, Michele Bartoli, Paolo Bettini, Mario Cipollini to point us the way.

    Our product are made to be beautiful, useful and performance.Every deetail is accurately designed to give an answer to the cyclist enquires.

    We Have Cycling Philosophy